Mindfulness in English

Mindfulness in English


Do you find it a challenge to find your balance amid all the hustle and bustle? Do you want more relaxation, energy and enjoy life more? Mindfulness is particularly suitable for all sorts of stress related complaints, but also when you want to be in a more conscious, attentive and open way in life. 

In the MBSR mindfulness training you learn to be present in the here-and-now, to relax easier and to respond challenges in a more conscious way.  Praesence Mindfulness offers English spoken mindfulness. On this page you find more information about mindfulness and the mindfulnesstraining.


Mindfulness is effective for

Burn out
Depression and gloom
Concentration problems
Stress symptoms
Pain related complaints
Anxiety and PTSD (post traumatic stress)

Auto Pilot

Much of what we do in our lives goes automatically. When you have been in the car for a while you may suddenly notice that you have not seen anything of the environment. Or you are talking to someone while you are not really listening to the other person. Mindfulness calls this unconscious behavior the autopilot. This ‘autopilot’ can be very useful when performing routine tasks, but the big disadvantage is that we also miss a lot. For example, the contact with our wishes and needs and the beauty of the world around us. In addition, we are less able to listen to our body and our stress signals.

Mindful attention


You could say that we are constantly doing in autopilot. We are either going backwards or fowards. Always doing, and in general, we find it difficult to do nothing and sit still. Mindfulness is similar to learning to use the ‘neutral position’, an attitude of not doing. A lot of tension and stress arises because we always do, constantly respond to everything that comes in our way, and we forget to use this neutral position more often. 

Mindfulness means that you are more aware of your experiences in the moment. When you can look at your thoughts and emotions with a little more distance, you are able to release them more. This creates inner peace and relaxation. Mindfulness also teaches you to listen better to the signals from your body. As a result, you will better recognize your own boundaries and stress and you will be able to deal with stress and the challenges you meet in a more conscious way.

Mindfulness in English

MBSR Mindfulness training


MBSR stands for Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. The training consists of 8 different sessions. The mindfulness training contains a combination of experiential exercises and doing home assignments. Some of the theme’s that will be discussed in the mindfulnesstraining are:

  • Recognizing the automatic pilot.
  • Getting to know your borders.
  • Effectively deal with stress and stress symptoms.
  • Acceptance and effectively dealing with difficult emotions and thoughts.
  •  The application of mindfulness in daily life.

If you learn something during the training, you can start working with it right away at home. You will receive practical exercises after each session. Practicing at home is an important part of mindfulness training. It takes time to learn the mindfulness-skill, but you are supported with a reader and you get sound files with exercises. Trainer Remy van Gelder is available when needed.

When is mindfulness not suitable?


Mindfulness is not a replacement for therapy. When you are dealing with psychosis, serious psychological problems or addiction, a mindfulness training is not recommended.

And if you do not have time to practice daily, for example because of too much change or hectic in your life, it is better to wait a bit longer with participation in training. If you suffer from psychological problems and you are in therapy, it is always advisable to consult with your therapist about whether participation in a training is useful.

Individual Mindfulness in Wassenaar


At the moment i only give the mindfulnesstraining in English individual from my house in the centre of Wassenaar. Lots of personal attention and flexible on a time that suits you. We can start at any time and you are welcome to get acquinted.

Trainer and background


I am a certified mindfulness MBSR trainer and recognized in the highest category by the VMBN (the professional association for mindfulness trainers). I have a lot of experience with the MBSR Mindfulnesstraining for groups and individuals but also with the application of mindfulness at the workplace.

When you are interested in the Mindfulness MBSR training you can contact me via the form below or call 06 47062706 for the possibilities.


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